What could this dream mean?

Min Min

Another furry little one has come into our orbit and is gently worming her way in.

A Toe In The Water

So tomorrow, Aug. 26, is national dog day. While I will miss my boy terribly as others post pics and accolades about their furry companions, I do have solace.

Ode to Roxy

My sister in law’s dog Roxy is the reason we got a dog.

Ready? Not Really

We have been cautiously looking at getting another dog, mainly through rescue organizations.

The wisdom of Turtle

Grief is not a process, its not something linear, it has a beginning but no defined middle or end.

Required Reading 4 Dog Lovers

If you love dogs, you’ll really enjoy André Alexis prize winning novel Fifteen Dogs. I received it as a Christmas present, but wasn’t in the mood to read it until recently. I’ll warn you parts… Continue reading


I’ve procrastinated this post because I knew it would be one of the most emotionally wrenching to compose.

The Sense Of A Dog – Taste

How a bad habit became perfectly acceptable when I got a dog.

The Sense Of A Dog – Sound

When there is a 70lb dog in your house, there is noise, even when they sleep.