Closing a Circle

Grief is not linear, it’s a series of open circles.

One kibs

It’s the little things that cut the deepest.

So here we are again

No matter how far I go she will always be further.

Nick Names

I wanted to post because she had so many! Madi – Madi Girl – Madi Dogie – Princess – Sweet Pea – Munchkin – Gladys – Pork Chop – Bubuala – Mad Madi… Continue reading

Madison Our Shooting Star

An ode to my spirit dog, Madi.

Keep Moving Forward

3 tarot cards for Madi

Madison joins Kona

Madison crosses and shatters our hearts.

Deja Vu nightmare

The devastating news that my young dog will be leaving us soon.

Ode to Fritz

Another fur baby crosses.

Beach Momento

Another anniversary, and we’re in the middle of a pandemic with restricted movement! Well that wasn’t going to interfere with my plan for the day. I rubbed Kona’s urn told him I miss… Continue reading