Life in 3 month intervals

Kona went for his first post-chemo check up in late April, they performed an ultrasound of his abdomen, a chest xray and full blood work. The results show NO metastasis. He’s been doing really… Continue reading

High 6

YES, we made it! Well more like Kona made it…6th round of (last) chemo completed! People get tattoos to mark milestones, achievements, tribulations, remembrances.  A mark or talisman they can look at, touch and… Continue reading

We’re chuffed

Kona & I would like to give the blogosphere a virtual high five! Cheryl, who authors A Life In Libraries nominated our blog for a Liebster Award. Her acceptance speech jokingly referred to the honour of… Continue reading

Wall Art

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall.” While in Asheville, NC we came across a great ‘public art’ display. On the main street a building was under construction and the fencing… Continue reading

#TBT inspired by CO

One of the my favourite feel good blogs is Cute Overload, if you’re having a bad day head over there and you’re sure to smile. This post reminded me when we first discussed getting a… Continue reading

It’s not Canon Beach but it will do!

Our final stop was Palm Beach, Florida. Again we stayed at a very dog friendly hotel. Being in a temperate climate with a dog makes life so much easier, no layering of winter… Continue reading

Canine Cuisine | Fido Feed

Originally posted on a Casus Belli:
make your own dog food Last week news hit the wires that a popular dog food brand was poisoning dogs.  I just happened to make a few…

Snow Birds

It was a long drive, but we made it to Asheville, North Carolina, one of the most dog friendly cities in the US. The hotel Aloft has a great partnership with a local dog… Continue reading

Rounds 1-3

Kona started his first of 6 rounds of chemotherapy (carboplatin) before Christmas. It’s administered through an IV at our vets clinic, which thankfully is only 10 minutes away. We braced ourselves for a… Continue reading

Morton’s Fork

Kona and I made another trip to Guelph for the surgeon to have a final look and to consult with the oncology team. I expected it would be the decision of chemo drug… Continue reading