The Sense Of A Dog – Taste

How a bad habit became perfectly acceptable when I got a dog.

The Sense Of A Dog – Sound

When there is a 70lb dog in your house, there is noise, even when they sleep.

The Sense Of A Dog – Smell and Touch

The first week after Kona passed, each morning started with tears as I sniffed his bed hoping to capture his smell. He was one of those dogs that smelled good, when he didn’t… Continue reading

Scotch & Bicky

Christmas eve a close friend Steven, dropped by, it was unusually warm and sunny. Shortly after, Rick, a neighbour, saw us on the deck and popped in.


One of our cousins is a tarot card reader and when she heard of Kona’s passing, she sent us this. I drew a medicine card to see what Kona wants to tell you: Porcupine… Continue reading

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

The day Kona left, my sister in law told her two children, aged 9 and 7. Both were sad, but then the younger, Colin said he would make a Minecraft version of Kona dog.… Continue reading

Eulogy For My Shadow

On the morning of the winter solstice, we said farewell to our fur baby Kona. He came into our lives as a puppy mill rescue and left as the heart of our little family.… Continue reading

Farewell My Warrior

At 5 am Kona was awake and pacing, my husband let him out. He had a long pee, but could not lift his leg and he circled the area several times straining each time trying… Continue reading


Christmas was approaching and our boy was slipping away. We knew things were only going to get worse for him and the last thing I wanted to do was sedate him to kingdom come… Continue reading

The Slide

We all carried on as best we could, going for walks, visiting with friends and keeping the pesky squirrels on their toes. At a party we hosted, one of our guests performed reiki on… Continue reading