The big reveal

2 weeks post surgery and it was time to take out the suchers. By this time all the swelling had subsided and his hair was growing back. In my mind’s eye I pictured… Continue reading

A little help from our friends

A week post surgery we enjoyed an unusually warm day, I knew a little sunshine and fresh air was just what we needed. So I parked Kona on his bed on the deck… Continue reading

Recuperation Part Deux

It’s funny how quickly we fell into the recuperation routine, even Kona knew, from experience, what to do. Every morning started with removing the cone, a quick short walk, hoping for a poop. 3… Continue reading

Home Coming

We anxiously headed to Guelph (3 days post surgery) having no idea what to expect. All the calls from the surgeon and vet student painted a rosy picture of a good recovery, but… Continue reading

Quiet House

Kona is a really lucky dog, he comes to work with us and has since he was a pup. Naturally, our colleagues are very attached to him and waited anxiously with us for the… Continue reading

Rule of 3

The big day arrived (04/11), I had not slept at all, worrying about the risks of surgery let alone the recuperation.  He knew as soon as we got in the car we were… Continue reading

Road Trip

By the time we had our initial consultation at the OVC in Guelph, we had resigned ourselves to the worst case scenario, 3-6months. My husband didn’t have the heart to put him through more… Continue reading


We started to catalogue changes we had noticed in Kona but didn’t make the connection that the cancer was metastasizing. He was sleeping longer & deeper, on walks he would start to lag… Continue reading

Blissful ignorance

Kona’s chemo finished in March 2013 and thereafter every 3 months we would have a blood test done which checked for elevated levels of calcium. As well a manual exam plus ultrasound. Each time… Continue reading


Surgery aftermath was extremely difficult for the first few days, it took both of us to get him out in the morning then organize his food and medication. He was extremely agitated the… Continue reading