Farewell My Warrior

At 5 am Kona was awake and pacing, my husband let him out. He had a long pee, but could not lift his leg and he circled the area several times straining each time trying… Continue reading


Christmas was approaching and our boy was slipping away. We knew things were only going to get worse for him and the last thing I wanted to do was sedate him to kingdom come… Continue reading

The Slide

We all carried on as best we could, going for walks, visiting with friends and keeping the pesky squirrels on their toes. At a party we hosted, one of our guests performed reiki on… Continue reading

One Day At A Time

Within two weeks of the surgery Kona was pretty much back to his usual routine, he and I had returned to the office and he was able to resume his normal physical activity.… Continue reading

Little wonder

Kona was a trooper and his recuperation was a marvel, a testament to the skill of the surgeon’s hands. It took 3 days for him to give us a ‘deposit’ and we cheered like he… Continue reading

Waiting to exhale

All day we tried to go about our ‘normal’ activities in a zombie like fashion, by 4 we were very nervous that something was wrong, but the surgeon had reassured us that if that… Continue reading

The lesser of several evils

The day of the scheduled surgery, we finally met with the resident surgeon who would be performing the procedure with the staff head surgeon. We went in optimistic, they would remove the tumors and… Continue reading

3rd time’s the charm?

Guelphs Oncology Team weighs in once again. The cancer has returned in the same locations.

Groundhog Day

We experienced it on September 10th, Kona had his routine 3 month scan, I went to pick him up and got the “just wait in the examining room routine”… my heart sank, this… Continue reading

Having a Dog Makes You Visable

I came across this article and those of you that have lost a beloved pet would probably agree with all the feelings described by the author. I dread the cloak of invisibility that… Continue reading