Waiting to exhale

All day we tried to go about our ‘normal’ activities in a zombie like fashion, by 4 we were very nervous that something was wrong, but the surgeon had reassured us that if that… Continue reading

The lesser of several evils

The day of the scheduled surgery, we finally met with the resident surgeon who would be performing the procedure with the staff head surgeon. We went in optimistic, they would remove the tumors and… Continue reading

3rd time’s the charm?

Guelphs Oncology Team weighs in once again. The cancer has returned in the same locations.

Groundhog Day

We experienced it on September 10th, Kona had his routine 3 month scan, I went to pick him up and got the “just wait in the examining room routine”… my heart sank, this… Continue reading

Having a Dog Makes You Visable

I came across this article and those of you that have lost a beloved pet would probably agree with all the feelings described by the author. I dread the cloak of invisibility that… Continue reading

Life in 3 month intervals

Kona went for his first post-chemo check up in late April, they performed an ultrasound of his abdomen, a chest xray and full blood work. The results show NO metastasis. He’s been doing really… Continue reading

High 6

YES, we made it! Well more like Kona made it…6th round of (last) chemo completed! People get tattoos to mark milestones, achievements, tribulations, remembrances.  A mark or talisman they can look at, touch and… Continue reading

We’re chuffed

Kona & I would like to give the blogosphere a virtual high five! Cheryl, who authors A Life In Libraries nominated our blog for a Liebster Award. Her acceptance speech jokingly referred to the honour of… Continue reading

Wall Art

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall.” While in Asheville, NC we came across a great ‘public art’ display. On the main street a building was under construction and the fencing… Continue reading

#TBT inspired by CO

One of the my favourite feel good blogs is Cute Overload, if you’re having a bad day head over there and you’re sure to smile. This post reminded me when we first discussed getting a… Continue reading