Ode to Hogan

We know him as
Beauty without Vanity,
Strength without Insolence,
Courage without Ferocity,
and all the virtues of Man without his Vices. – Lord Byron

Hogan, our sweet surrogate went to the rainbow bridge yesterday. His humans are our closest friends and Hogan is entirely responsible for our meeting 12+ years ago.

I had been walking in our hood when I came across Hogan who was 4 months old at the time being walked by his dad. Hogan was an adorable short haired pointer going through the everything in the mouth stage. His dad and I had a nice conversation and found out they lived 5 doors down, that was the start of an incredible friendship.

6 months later we got Kona, and the commonality of having puppies brought us all closer. We had a large oval boulevard separating the street and every morning a group of us would come with our dogs. They were:
Lucy – the vizsla
Barkley – the wheaten terrier, Konas bff
Maggie 1 – the older terrier mix
Maggie – the little spaniel mix
Lucy – the golden retriever
+ a smattering of interlopers

We would walk laps as the dogs played. Lucy and Hogan were by far the fastest runners – it was magical to watch them sprint. Hogan could spend hours on end simply playing fetch. Kona and Barkley would have Texas style stand offs then one would make a break and the wrestling match would commence. The joy in each dogs face could be seen by any non-dog owner walking by.

Maggie would chase the garbage truck prompting the driver to pull over and yell in frustration “Every week, every week this dog chases my truck!” Kona would chase Hogan but could never catch him so instead he would chase and bark at him in frustration – very, very loudly.

The routine was great for all the humans too, we genuinely enjoyed each others company and sensed what we had was precious. Oddly enough I never thought of taking a photo.

As the dogs got older, Hogan’s mom, Leanne and I would take the fur babies for long walks on weekends. It was great exercise and a chance for girl talk. Kona’s first time at a cottage was at Hogans, he learned to swim in the shallow sandy bay. The two of them would fight like siblings except when a chipmunk needed to be chased. At the end of the day each would retreat to a corner and sleep soundly.

We had the pleasure of looking after Hogan aka Monkey a few times after Kona passed. His soulful eyes and velcro nature was a salve for our broken hearts.

Many of the dogs above have passed, Hogan was the last direct link with our boy, it is the end of a chapter.

“Hogie, go hang with Kona, he will show you the best places to chase chippies, secluded swimming holes to cool off and a cookie jar that’s never empty. We love you…”