One door closes

A month ago  Ari, the handsome retriever moved back to the Atlantic coast with his humans.

 We didn’t get to say so long, we were on vacation and thought we would have one last day with him but his humans told us the wrong departure date. We missed him by 8 hours.

In a way it may have been a blessing in disguise, I’m sure it would have brought on a flood of tears from both of us and a look of utter confusion from Ari.

The universe is a funny place, he was the right dog sent at the right time to help heal our broken hearts. Everyday when we come into the office we hope to hear him banging on the door separating the two units to come in for SNACKS! No longer a big waggy tail to grab or a pale forehead to receive lipstick kisses. I hope we can make it to Newfoundland, and take the big Floof for a swim.

Here are few pics of Ari aka Eeyore

Our new tenants didn’t know what to say when we asked them if they had a dog…they weren’t sure which answer would ensure their application being accepted or rejected. So they told the truth which is ‘no’. My husband was disappointed. The day they picked up the keys they found out their puppy was born! A blue merle Aussie Shepherd! The little dude should be weaned by September so there will be a new puppy in our midst!