What could this dream mean?

I had to write this down before forgetting it, last night was the first dream I’ve had of Kona in months. In it I was standing at a balcony with floor to ceiling windows, similar to a hunter’s blind. The balcony overlooked a vivid green space, like a park or private grounds. Enter from the left this black creature whose profile is that of a squirrel but a really big one! It was walking parallel to the balcony.

I exclaimed to no one in particular “That’s the biggest squirrel I’ve ever seen!” .  The squirrel then turned to face me and started to morph, first the chest hair grew longer and turned white, then the ears grew flatter and points developed. In my dream head there was recognition dawning but as usual the rational subconscious was not giving in. The squirrel morphed into a Kona look alike, he slid down into his unique sphinx pose, head up, one paw turned in the other straight out and looked directly at me. I exclaimed “That looks just like Kona! But the eyes are brown and his were  more orange.”  We held the glance for maybe 2 seconds, then he got up, went to the edge of the space and with his mouth picked up a flattened frisbee that looked like a squished skunk and trotted off.

IMG_5386That’s when it dawned on me in my dream head that maybe it actually was Kona but different, in his new incarnation. I awoke with a start calling his name and came back to reality with a crash. And a fresh scab torn open.

The dream has been haunting me all day…