Min Min

Another furry little one has come into our orbit and is gently worming her way in.

My close friend whose Aussie, Kelsey passed 2 years before Kona, has been my strongest ally through the grieving process. She dog-sat Kona on several occasions and came to love him, in fact she said he helped open her heart to adopt another companion.

Well a few months ago, this fluffball and her litter showed up at a rescue organization in Northern Ontario. Within a week she was big city bound! She is a mix of tibetan terrier, husky and lab. Her eyes are a milky blue and her coat is soft black, ombre to tan and white. Her name is Miinan, which is Ojibway for blueberries. A nice homage to the fact that wild blueberries grow plentiful in the north.hipstamaticphoto-497575433-997185

We call her Min Min or Sprout!

She is playful, sweet, confident and full of beans! Huge personality in such a little creature, it’s remarkable watching her explore. We see her a few times a week and try to take her for a walk, if you can call it that, on weekends.

Min Min has also met our surrogate, Ari, he was so zen but I don’t know if that will be the case when she gets to 6mos. She will be ours for 2 weeks in January when her human mama goes on holiday. I think it will be a test to see if we are ready for a dog and if so would it be a puppy or young adult?IMG_0487.jpg

Perhaps the universe is completing a circle, Kona helped my friend open her heart to Miinan and in turn, Min Min is helping open our hearts to ______.