Ode to Roxy

My sister in law’s dog Roxy is the reason we got a dog.
I call her the canine ambassador. When my sister in law got married in Hawaii Roxy baby was around 2 years of age, she’s a lab mix with jack russel. We got to spend a lot of time with her, go on hikes, take her for walks and share our bed – well she mainly took most of it but we didn’t have the heart to push her out.

She and Kona got to meet when we were married in 2009, K was a couple years younger but they had a great time playing with one another. It was fun to watch them tease each other to instigate a big chase!


Roxy and Kona September 2009

I got to see Roxy this past March when I went to Washington State to visit. Rox was showing her 12+ years, she had slowed down and had the usual lumps and bumps labs get as they age. But she remembered me! Every morning she would lay at the side of my bed, as she couldn’t climb up, and snooze. When I awoke, I’d get on the floor with her and have a petting, hugging, talking session with her before we went for breakfast. As hard as it was I loved that she was a link with Kona and her presence gave me a lot of comfort.

Mid June we got a call that Roxy had had a stroke in the morning and by early afternoon was not rebounding. My sister in law took her to her favourite beach so she could sniff the water, then home to say farewell to the kids and maybe have a few slices of bacon, her absolute favourite. By early evening they were at the vets, as she peacefully passed, one of the last things she heard from my brother in law was “Go to Kona.”

We are all taking comfort in the hope that their spirits will somehow find each other at the rainbow bridge, play once again and watch over us until we can go get them.