Ready? Not Really

We have been cautiously looking at getting another dog, mainly through rescue organizations.
In late May my husband came across a gorgeous litter of Australian Sheppard puppies born north west of the cottage we go to. The breeder was so acommodating and met us with 3 pups who were 4 weeks old, a female red tri, a female black tri and a male red merle.

I was drawn to the red tri and my husband to the merle, we put down a small deposit and said we would choose in a week or two once their personalities could be observed. The breeder sent us notes trying her best to describe each pups development, milestones and likes/dislikes. In the meantime I was voraciously reading “The Art of Raising a Puppy”. As the days passed we were still not able to choose which puppy, friends asked us if we were ready and I thought I was. But as the deadline drew to choose I realized I was emotionally reserved, I felt no excitement at the prospect of a puppy in the house.

Obviously my mind may have been ready but my heart definitely was not. It was another gut punch but after realizing it, there was an odd sense of peace within. I’ve decided to wait a few more months to see if my heart can open itself again. It would be unfair to any new puppy or dog if I could not embrace their uniqueness.