I’ve procrastinated this post because I knew it would be one of the most emotionally wrenching to compose.

Kona had the most arresting amber eyes, they were golden orange, deep and clear. People would always comment how mesmerizing they were. Because of the Aussie in him, he was always observing us, looking for instructions or signals that meant a task needed to be performed.

At times it could be so intense, you couldn’t help but wonder ‘are you trying to tell me something telepathically’?

He loved chasing squirrels and chipmunks and would look to us to point them out, then release the leash – he was never fast enough but it was a very entertaining way to get exercise.

Now I think of his beautiful, intense stare and am reminded of how his eyes didn’t fully close when he passed. As much as my vet told me this was a possibility it flashes into my memory and I know he didn’t want to go.