The Sense Of A Dog – Taste

When I was around 7-8 I started a ‘bad’ habit that drove my mother insane.

I would always leave a bite or two in my plate after every meal, no matter what the size or the content. She couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t have that last bite. It would lead to the inevitable “there are children in the world starving” rebuke and my snarky retort “then mail it to them.”

There is no clear reason or logic, perhaps I felt that cleaning a plate felt greedy?

Once I had a dog, the habit was no longer ‘bad’ :-). Kona would sit patiently but vigorously eye my plate after he figured out that mummy always left something for him. After we were finished eating I would give him the last bite, a morsel of meat or fish or cheese. He was funny, he loved spicy dishes, but his love for things like plain yogurt would wax and wane. I taught him to catch as a puppy using cheerios, as an adult I would ask him to stay and then I would step backwards 10-15 feet, toss a cookie and he would grab it like a shark breaching for a seal!

Kids were considered an endless food source, they eventually learned they had to walk around with their cookies held up high in the air and say “not for Kona”, otherwise he would stealthily take it from their hands when they weren’t paying attention.

I loved cooking his meals during his 3 year battle, it was an act of pure love on my part and he relished it. He knew when his meal was being prepared, his snout would be just below counter level sniffing wildly.

Now when I have something tasty I have to sigh and think “K would do a handstand for this”. I still keep a bite or two as an offering to my four legged foodie.