The Sense Of A Dog – Sound

I’ve been struck by how quiet the house has become. When there is a 70lb dog in it, there is noise, even when they sleep.

It’s the subtle sounds of nails clicking on hard wood, stairs creaking beneath the weight, quiet snoring, grunting in bed as he tries to get comfortable, the thud as he hops up on the bed. The sound of an entire head disappearing into a paper grocery bag, sniffing potential snacks. What makes me feel sick is not hearing the constant jingle of the tags on his collar, each dog’s jingle is personal.

Then there are the louder, more obvious ones, like whining at the door to go out and chase/bark at a squirrel or when one of us is coming through the gate. The scraping of a food bowl being polished of its contents. His obligatory super loud bark when anyone arrives. We’re so programmed that even now, when there is a knock we brace ourselves for the deep loud bark. And are sadly disappointed when the knock is met with silence.

I had a close friend stop by for dinner, when she knocked I went to the door and said “woof woof” as Kona would do. I opened the door and found her standing with tears in her eyes because she suddenly realized the Greeter was not there.

We always slept soundly no matter where we were were as long as K was along side, any sound and he would protect us. Now I don’t sleep very much.