Scotch & Bicky

Christmas eve a close friend Steven, dropped by, it was unusually warm and sunny. Shortly after, Rick, a neighbour, saw us on the deck and popped in.

Rick and Kona had a very special bond, forged by scratches and big milk bones. Every evening when we parked the car returning after work, Kona would look over to see if Rick was in his driveway and if he was, it was like a starting gun went off in Kona’s ears. He would dash across the street and pester Rick until the biscuit was procured. This routine had gone on for over 5 years.

Rick arrived with warm hugs, a big bottle of scotch, two Spanish cigars and a big milkbone. We all raised a glass or two in Furballs’ honour. Dry eyes were not easy to find.
Scotch and Bicky