Eulogy For My Shadow


On the morning of the winter solstice, we said farewell to our fur baby Kona. He came into our lives as a puppy mill rescue and left as the heart of our little family.

Kona battled cancer for 3 years, he bravely and stoically endured surgery, courses of chemotherapy and a steady stream of diagnostics. In the end his dark passenger won the war.

A few traits of our happy boy:
• he loved SNACKS, particularly hot dogs, cheese and any kind of dog treat
• anytime was a good time for a walk or hike, multiple times in the same day were ideal
• being apart for 5 minutes or 5 days resulted in the same enthusiastic “Hello, you’re back! I missed you” greeting
• his ability to play hide and seek delighted children
• he was the official door greeter, alarming postal workers, work colleagues, family and friends
• chasing chippies, squirrels, groundhogs and rabbits were great fun – skunks on the other hand were drawn to him
• the first encounter with a skunk resulted in blond and brown highlights in his coat, thanks to my ‘home made’ shampoo
• he visibly smiled throughout cottage visits
• he was the perfect road trip side kick and boy did he get around

He was a marvelous conduit to the world and introduced us to so many wonderful people. Complete strangers would stop us to comment on his handsome looks. Nervous children and shy dogs were won over by his calm Zen like manner.

Kona showed us unconditional love, implicit trust and  unwavering loyalty. He transformed our lives and taught us to live in the moment, savour the small things, and to put the pack first. He was a source of comfort during very trying times, harmony was his mantra.

We are heartbroken, our shadow is gone. A bigger than life personality and wise soul brought joy to so many. I feel blessed that such a beautiful spirit chose to share part of its journey with us.