One Day At A Time

Within two weeks of the surgery Kona was pretty much back to his usual routine, he and I had returned to the office and he was able to resume his normal physical activity.

My husband had to travel at this time and I was plagued with the thought, what things go sideways quick? He won’t get to spend any time with his beloved boy and will I have the strength to do what will be required, by myself? That question gave me night terrors, but what choice was there? The universe was now in control and all I could do was hang on for the ride.

Sure enough the first symptoms started to appear within a month of the surgery, his stools started to flatten and going required more straining or depositing it in several places over the duration of a walk. I knew this was going to be our primary indicator of what was going on inside. Outside, however, no one would ever know. His temperament remained upbeat, he never pushed back from his food and snacks, and we enjoyed play time. He was however a bit clingier, he had always been a dog that wanted to be close by but now he got visibly uneasy if he wasn’t with us – completely understandable for what he had been through. Also, we noticed he was panting, when no physical exertion had occurred… a potential sign of pain/discomfort our vet informed us.

One unseasonably warm afternoon I took him to one of his favourite places, The Beaches park. It’s on the shores of lake Ontario and has a nice large off leash area. Plus from fall to spring dogs can remain off leash the entire length of the park south of the snow fences. We had a marvelous time, running in the water, climbing the big rocks and walking out on the breakers. Rolling in the sand was the icing on the cake.