3rd time’s the charm?

We packed up and headed back to the University of Guelph to get the oncology teams input. The head oncologist seemed very optimistic, saying surgery followed by radiation but not chemo as the two rounds obviously hadn’t done much except maybe kept the cancer from spreading to other organs like the lungs etc. A new round of ct scans were taken, Kona knew the deal and we asked her if he could hang out someplace while waiting for his turn vs in a crate. She graciously offered her office which made us feel a little better as we left our little boy and wandered the campus.

Honestly, we had no idea what to expect and were not fully committed to pursue more treatment or not. I guess nothing really can prepare you.

In the afternoon we picked up our groggy boy and headed home, the surgeons would look at the scans later. A surgery slot was assigned incase, the team felt that if surgery could be performed asap the course of radiation could be completed before the Christmas holidays. We were planning a trip to Washington state to spend the holidays with family and of course take Kona to meet the newest addition to the family, a chocolate lab named Remi.

That night we discussed what we thought the options would be and after a lot of debate and tears agreed surgery was palatable but radiation just didn’t sit well with us. Again no one could give us statistics that promised a decreased chance of spread or reocurrance by X%.

I think all of us have an internal line in the sand and we only know it exists when we are forced to brush up against it.