Groundhog Day

We experienced it on September 10th, Kona had his routine 3 month scan, I went to pick him up and got the “just wait in the examining room routine”… my heart sank, this isn’t happening is it?

Sure enough my vet came in sheepishly and said “I hate my job at times like this, I wish I didn’t have to say…” The cancer was back, same location plus spots on lymph nodes – we were right back where we were less than a year ago!

How could it be? Why does this poor being have to be tested constantly? 4 months ago his scan was clean, and now there was no doubt, the dark passenger was back.

Once again, I got to hear the news first, then face my fur baby, be all chipper and drive home without cracking the facade. The best part of it all was my mother in law had just arrived for a visit, when we got home, I just melted in front of her and my husband. We all crawled into a bottle of champagne and toasted the epic summer we had with Kona.

My husband I agreed not to make a decision until her visit wrapped up which would be in 10 days. We had a trip scheduled to a spectacular cottage that Kona loves and we were not going to deny him the visit.

Kona at Lake Muskoka - September 2015

Kona at Lake Muskoka – September 2015