It’s not Canon Beach but it will do!

Our final stop was Palm Beach, Florida. Again we stayed at a very dog friendly hotel. Being in a temperate climate with a dog makes life so much easier, no layering of winter clothes, no salt between the paws, no need to worry about the dog traipsing dirt throughout the house! Each morning we set up a little routine, I would walk Kona for an hour around the ocean side or canal side. We both got excersise, fresh air, explored the area and met some super friendly people. It was funny hearing people say he’s a big dog. I guess most residents there have small to miniature breeds. When Kona recouperated from the surgery, I had a vision in my mind of him running on Canon Beach in Oregon. We had taken him there in 09. So when this trip to Florida became a reality, I knew this might be the last opportunity to watch him frolic on a beach. Hello Jupiter Beach! We carved out a little spot for ourselves and Kona got to dip his feet in the water and run along the beach with my husband. I had to keep telling myself:

Take a mental picture and remember how happy you all are at this moment.

It’s bittersweet knowing we are on borrowed time, but this was not the time or place to dwell on it.