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I’ve made meals for my fur baby, but never tried adding chick peas, although he loves eating them straight from the can! Thanks for the recipe @A CASUS BELLI

a Casus Belli

make your own dog food

Last week news hit the wires that a popular dog food brand was poisoning dogs.  I just happened to make a few posts on Facebook before that about making my own dog food and within hours of major news outlets running this dog food poison scandal, I was pinged by roughly two dozen friends about how I make food for my dog!  This post is meant to help others who clearly lost faith in a company or companies doing the right thing and giving you a clean and healthy product for your beloved pet and for those i promised to send my recipe to so that they too can feed their fido with awesomeness. 

Making your own pup food is super easy. A lot of the foods humans eat that make them healthy do the same thing for canines, with a few exceptions. The…

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