Rounds 1-3

Kona started his first of 6 rounds of chemotherapy (carboplatin) before Christmas. It’s administered through an IV at our vets clinic, which thankfully is only 10 minutes away. We braced ourselves for a host of side effects mainly gastrointestinal upset, nausea leading to possible dehydration to appear 24-72 hours after.

There was nothing! Absolutely nothing we could see and his appetite was certainly not affected witnessed by his intense beg for a digestive cookie below! It was indeed a Merry Christmas.

The things #kona will endure for a cookie! #dogs #cute #love

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Round 2 in January also had no side effects, in fact the next day he had a huge play with Saphire, a white retriever, we met on our walk. It brought tears of joy, I hadn’t seen him play with a young dog like that in a very long time. On the spot I came up with his new super-dog slogan

“No one would ever know I’m on chemo!”

Round 3 was luckily just as uneventful, so we packed him up in the car and headed for a road trip to North Carolina and Florida!