A little help from our friends

A week post surgery we enjoyed an unusually warm day, I knew a little sunshine and fresh air was just what we needed. So I parked Kona on his bed on the deck while I tried to finish up the fall raking.

"why am I being punished?"

“Do I get extra treats for wearing this?”

I could tell he was thrilled to be outside, even though chasing trespassing squirrels was not yet an option.

As the post surgery days passed, friends dropped in to see Kona, this meant the world to us. It helped keep continuity in the pack, dogs love routine and get anxious when things change. I suspect it’s because they don’t experience time like we do. For all he knew months vs days had passed.

Our friends and family are a bedrock of support. They all know how much fur baby means to us and offered sympathetic ears and shoulders whenever I called. Calls, texts, emails arrived daily checking in. Their generosity and love kept our spirits high.

My mom professed to saying a daily prayer for K