Recuperation Part Deux

It’s funny how quickly we fell into the recuperation routine, even Kona knew, from experience, what to do. Every morning started with removing the cone, a quick short walk, hoping for a poop. 3 days of nothing, and on the 4th, touchdown! A sigh of relief for us all as it confirmed he was not going to suffer incontinence.

Once back at home it was time to thoroughly check the stitches for any debris or weeping. That’s not an easy task when a 70lb dog is resistant. One of us would have to hold him up while the other used a flashlight to examine.
At least there was a treat at the end, his homemade breakfast of brown rice, chicken, liver, vegetable puree and cottage cheese followed up with MEDs. He was prescribed Metacam, +2 + 3

The last step was an ice pack wrapped in a cloth and applied for 10 minutes on his abdomen and backside. He would then lay down on his bed near my husband and drift off to sleep.

Angry and swollen

Angry and swollen

In the afternoons I would take him for another walk, gradually adding 5 mins each day. He was always ready to go and mark every tree and bush along the way. The rest of the day would be a blur of feeding him, ice packs, laundering anything he came into contact with and daily life. I was lucky enough to take time off work, how do people who don’t have that luxury do this?