Home Coming

We anxiously headed to Guelph (3 days post surgery) having no idea what to expect. All the calls from the surgeon and vet student painted a rosy picture of a good recovery, but how can we as owners relate to that?

After meeting with the surgeon and receiving his post care, drug regimen the big moment arrived. He came barrelling down the hallway with his ‘cone of shame’ on, pulling the vet student behind. He was whining, whimpering, howling all at the same time and the cone amplified the noises. It was both funny and a tear jerker. At first glance I thought he looked great, then the VS lifted up his front paws and all I could see was red angry flesh the entire length of his abdomen radiating out from the sutchers. Honestly, it was terrifying. She must have seen our expression and quickly explained it was from the shaving and the area was swollen, but with regular icing + anti-inflamatories it would heal.

In the car on the way back we gave him bits of hot dog and kept repeating how brave and strong he was until he dozed off, realizing he was going home.

I was grateful to the universe that my best friend was once again at my side.