Quiet House

Kona is a really lucky dog, he comes to work with us and has since he was a pup. Naturally, our colleagues are very attached to him and waited anxiously with us for the phone call from the surgeon.

Finally it arrived, later than expected. Turned out it took longer than they anticipated because of the way the diseased tissue was stuck to healthy tissue. Since this was in the same area as the previous surgery, there was no allowance for the preferred margins. Kona was moved to the recovery area.

For the next 3 days we got a call during the day from the surgeon with the healing progress and every evening from a veterinary student. By the second day he was dragging her to go walk outside!

As reassuring as these calls were, what was harder was shuffling around an empty house. There was no one shadowing me where ever I went or the familiar tinkle of tags nor the morning snuggle on the bed.

Me & My Shadow

Me & My Shadow