Road Trip

By the time we had our initial consultation at the OVC in Guelph, we had resigned ourselves to the worst case scenario, 3-6months. My husband didn’t have the heart to put him through more surgery, especially since lymph node removals may require breaking the dogs pelvis in order to access. I wanted to hear what the oncologists had to say before making up my mind.

The facility and staff are incredible, their compassion is palpable. We met with the oncologist and surgeon. Both felt confident surgery could be performed with a positive outcome, IE; take out the mass and  lymph node. First, they had to get a detailed CT scan which meant returning the next day and Kona having to be put under general anesthesia for the scan.

The following day we were shown the CT scan, if you’ve never seen one before they are cooler than you might imagine. The surgeon pointed out one very enlarged lymph node and a second one only visible via the higher resolution of the scan. If left the nodes would grow and press on his digestive tract and urinary tract, a horrific way for an animal to die.
Again, he reassured us it could be removed and luckily they could go via the abdomen and not have to break the pelvis. And they could schedule the surgery the following day if we were ready. Plus, they would keep K at the hospital for 2-3 days under the watchful eyes of the surgical team. Oh, and we would get 1-2 phone calls a day with updates.

My husband and I shared several thoughts in one quick shared glance ‘I trust him, he gives me confidence, Kona is in good hands’.