Who is Kona


Kona dog, Kona bear, Konie, Kdog, furball, are just a few of the terms or endearment for our 9 year old boy. He is a mix of border collie, black lab and aussie shepherd. We’re not sure of the exact percentages since we never met his parents, he was part of a litter rescued from a puppy mill that was closed down outside Woodstock, Ontario.

He is incredibly smart, protective, mischievous but not overly affectionate. Going for long walks, catching snow balls in his mouth, chasing squirrels, swimming then rolling in sand are his ideas of a good time!

When we got him, I expected age related issues that go hand in hand with these breeds; hips, eyes, ears, arthritis, etc. Never did canine cancer ever cross my mind. Although, when he was a young pup, I had a nagging premonition that something bad would happen to him. Do other owners ever have this same feeling? If they do then its ‘normal’?