Surgery aftermath was extremely difficult for the first few days, it took both of us to get him out in the morning then organize his food and medication. He was extremely agitated the first 2 days, I’m not sure if that was a remnant of the anesthesia. Luckily my best friend had gone through surgery with her Bernese and was able to coach us through those moments. We both took time away from work for the first 5 days then I remained with him for the remainder until the stitches were removed.


It was remarkable to watching how quickly he healed, every day were marked improvements. I was also making his food for him using the recipes in the DogCancerDiet My thought was it’s certainly not going to do any harm and if it helps in any way why not? He loved it – of course!

A regimen of oral chemo with Melphalan followed, 5 courses (5days) three weeks apart. Surprisingly, he had no side effects!

When it was over a very special celebration for him.


Steak Dinner for Me?